ideal date:

  1. take me to sephora
  2. leave me with your credit card
  3. come back in 2 hours
Anonymous: what should i do if annoying boys keep calling me shit and then I say shit back and then they just say "hey, i heard Walmart just had delivered tampons, you are gonna need the whole truck" how do I reply to that shit it's really bothering me getting gendered every time I have something so say 

i’m sorry bby that’s awful )): first option is always eat them
second option is one i’m obviously not that fond of but like to throw it out there: ignore them
third option is to just tell them you’ve had enough of their shit and try not to be around them often

kinda wanna eat five boxes of poptarts kinda wanna drink green smoothies and go jogging and be healthy and fit kinda wanna just eat two grapes and run ten miles a day until i just die